george circle

My Role

I’m the Practice Manager for our business. I handle insurance for clients; including obtaining pre-authorizations when necessary, submitting claims, processing payments, and following up on problems with payment. In addition, I manage the financial aspects of our business, coordinate updates to our website, deal with legal matters, and run whatever errands need to be run. I love variety in a job, which I certainly have in this one!

In my day-to-day interactions with our clients, my goals are always to help you obtain services and resources from us in a smooth and efficient manner, to treat you with empathy and respect, and to be supportive to you.

My Background

I’ve had a wide variety of management experiences. Prior to starting this psychology private practice with Beth in 2015, I worked for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for eight years – three of them managing events in the Lab’s Visitors Center, one in the Membership Department, and four as manager of Adelson Library (the branch of the Cornell University library system that’s located at the Lab). As a dedicated, though amateur, birdwatcher going back to my undergraduate days studying natural resources, it was a real privilege to be associated with the Cornell Lab for several years.

From 1997 to 2005, I worked as editor/project coordinator for the annual revision of the University at Buffalo’s Undergraduate Catalog. That, too, was a very rewarding experience, since it allowed me to play a significant role in helping students get accurate information about the university.

I’ve earned two master’s degrees, one in political science in 1987 and one in sociology in 1999. I’ve taught both subjects as an adjunct instructor at the university level, and taught college peace studies courses as well. However, I found that teaching was not a very good fit for me (nor was the academic life in general), so in 2002 I decided to end my pursuit of a Ph.D., and life has felt much more genuine ever since!