hanging nobg500Most of our office artwork comes from two particular sources that we’d like to highlight:

The Syracuse Cultural Workers online and print catalog as well as storefront in Syracuse, NY is a terrific place to find a wide variety of framed posters and other artwork promoting peace, justice, and environmental responsibility. We’ve hung several of our favorite framed SCW posters in our suite – ones that we find affirming, uplifting, and inclusive, and which serve to demonstrate our values.

One World Market on the Commons in Ithaca, NY is a great source for many different kinds of handmade, fair-trade gifts, from all over the world. Their stated mission is: “To provide vital income to disadvantaged artisans and their families in impoverished areas of the world by marketing their handicrafts, telling their stories and promoting economic justice through fair trade.” We love to support them!

We also have a painting by former Ithaca artist Laurel Hecht; if you’d like to see more of her work, you can visit her website.